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In our paradise corner of Mexico, we offer the most exciting boat rental in Vallarta and varied tours in Puerto Vallarta, designed to make your visit a unique experience.

Know our entire fleet

We have 2 sailboats for you to enjoy impressive landscapes and exciting activities with your family or friends.

Alebrije 50

Designed for cruising comfort with robust construction and generous accommodations.

Viva 36

The perfect combination of traditionalcuising comfort and exciting performance.

Why choose Pegaso Chartering?

Here are some reasons to rent a yacht or boat with us:

  • We know the yachting and sailing industry.
  • We seek to guarantee the safety of the boats and the quality of your maritime experience.
  • Customer service to ensure customers are satisfied and return.
  •  Knowledge of maritime regulations and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

FAQ about boat rentals

Please fill in the contact form. You will be contacted by one of our agents to make your reservation.

We usually sail regardless of weather (sun or rain), unless authorities close the port or restrict navigation (this usually happens when there is a hurricane or tropical storm alert)

If navigation is permitted inside the Bay, we will adjust the route plan for a ride inside the Bay.

Rain usually doesn’t justify cancellations or regrouping. However, if the authorities close the Port for navigation due to bad weather, our policy allows you to reschedule your ride without extra charge or penalty.

The boat goes out no matter the weather, rain or shine, UNLESS the Port or Sea Navigation is closed or restricted; if navigation is allowed within the
bay, the route plan and destinations will be shortened or adjusted to match the charter time.

Rain does not constitute grounds for cancellation or rescheduling in most scenarios. If Port is Closed or Sea Navigation is restricted due to an extreme weather condition such as: hurricane, lightning storm or tornado when it is a dangerous to be in the water, we reserve the right to reschedule the charter with no additional charge or penalty.

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Your adventure in Puerto Vallarta is just a click away. Book now and secure your spot in one of our exciting tours in Puerto Vallarta or enjoy the freedom of the boat rental in Vallarta. Discover the sea paradise uniquely. Are you ready to set sail?
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